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Today in somewhere, new restaurants are born on the other hand some restaurants wind up their business.

Since we have many choices, we need to reconsider what customer promise and what kind of value we serve.

“Sangue” means that pedigree passion in Italian.
We wish to be the eternal vivid existence like Italy which is arranged superbly tradition and innovation.
And, it means we only purvery the highest pedigree and quality Wagyu beef, but also it is concentrated thought that every single employee are able to work with having the tough bonds of like family by blood with passion.

Sangue have been reconsidering common sence of food and drink industry, and have been thinking of new standard.
What we truly send to customer is the outstanding excitement and impression through outstanding products and service.

Whenever there are discovery and impression, so I want to come all the time. We would like to build up the relationship of mutual trust with customer like that.

Sending excitement and impression to all concerned people, and it is not only in Japan, but also to the world.
This is what we are heading for the figure.

President Sei Bo