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Tajima beef with original Umami and flavour.
KIWAMI Steak that is grilled in a custom made oven which brings out Umami.

Displaying artisanship over the counter that entertains with scents and sounds that stimulate your appetite.

Wagyu cuisine with various the art of cooking and a rich dish full of taste from seasonal ingredients.

We serve the Kappo cuisine and Japanese sake with hearty Omotenashi in a fine quality atmosphere.

High quality ingredients/artisanship/atmosphere/Omotenashi and spirit of aim for the highest.


Store name Address Opening of a store
“JO Nishiazabu” Barbizon73 B1F, 2-24-14, Nishi-Azabu, Minato-ku,
Tokyo 106-0031 Japan
Tel. +81-3-3486-2929 Fax. +81-3-5466-2929
August, 2017